Belby Manor

Location: Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire, England

Property type: Mansion

Age: Built circa 1400, updated throughout the 1700s and early 1900s, extended in 1908

- located in 8 acres of English countryside, including an apple orchard
- 12 suite rooms
- 2 dining rooms
- living room
- potion store room
- large attic
- 1 large kitchen plus house elves' pantry, laundry room and servant quarters
- family cemetery and chapel

Marcus' Quarters Edit

Items found within Marcus' bedroom/living quarters

BelbyBed Gothic Revival bed circa 1800's

BelbyDresser Victorian Dresser

BelbyChest Victorian Pirate Chest

BelbyFireplace His fireplace

BelbyDrug cabinet Victorian Drug Cabinet

BelbyUrn The urn which holds his mother's ashes

BelbyLocket A locket which contains a strand of his mother's hair

BelbyPoisonJar His mother's poison jar pendant which contains a potions vial inside

BelbyCharm His mother's charm bracelet

BelbyFans Victorian fans that belonged to his grandmother

BelbySurgeon kit Victorian era surgeon's kit

BelbyBag Old doctor's bag

BelbyAbsinthe His Absinthe collection

BelbyGrays Gray's Anatomy

BelbyMourning A Victorian book of Mourning

BelbyBible The Bible

BelbyCage A Victornian birdcage which contains one barn swallow

BelbyDollHouse Enchanted doll's house

BelbyDoll Doll parts, one of many dolls about

BelbyPram Doll's pram