Deceased mother of Theodore Nott

Celestia Nott died in 1987. This portrait of her, painted when she was 26 (the year she passed away), hangs at the top of the stairs in the Nott Estate home. She happily engages all who cross her path in conversation if they are willing to partake in such a thing with a portrait. Her favourite people are those who speak to her as if she were actually a person. Having passed away when her son was so young, her portrait enjoys snagging him in passing and chatting with him about the goings on of his life at length, like any other nosy mother. She was rather kind and quite a contrast to his father (who can burn or rot in hell or do whatever it is he's doing so long as he's not alive). She instilled in her son a kindness and an utter respect for women. She also imparted a certain disregard for blood purity which was entirely dependent upon the individual person's character-decent people who were muggle-born were acceptable, awful people who were the same were not. It was her influence alone that kept Theodore from following his father's footsteps after Voldemort. It is a point of pride for her and she adores when people tell her he's turned out to be a decent man, as Emma Dobbs did.

PB: Charisma Carpenter