Wizarding London

Key Edit

1: Withy Gate : Upper-class residential
2: Quendryth : Middle-class residential
3: Chimaera Park : Tries to be trendy, upscale but is actually pretentious middle class
4: Ender Burh : Middle-class residential
5: Yarrowstun : Hospital area, surrounded by some middle class housing
6: Old Change : Business district, banking. A derivation of "the Exchange" but it's never called that.
7: Longobard Alley : Academic area, some government buildings
8: Artemisia :Bohemian area, lot of opium dens, upscale drug trade
9: Sevensterre Walk : Posh, fashionable area
10: Sapperstun (often just called "Sappers") : trendy shopping area
11: Billiter Alley : theatre district. Also known as "Blister Alley".
12: Corazon Alley : Bad part of town with high gang activity.
13: Hadriansgate : Eclectic. Attempt at urban renewal by the Ministry.
14: The Shambles : Working class residential/shopping area
15: Little Belmont : Docklands, by the Thames. Warehouses, transients.
16: Melusine-at-the-Wall (shortened to "Mathwall") : Low-income, tenement area, gangs.
17: Weyshead : Low-income, tenement area, gangs.
18: Gildencroft : Business, legal district
19: Den and Stroud (often called "the Denes") : upscale area, riverside homes
20: Minister's Staith : Government buildings, political offices, business
21: Tamlin Row : immigrant sector, working class
22: Magdalen Quay : working class neighborhood
23: Oldgregg : Seedy warehouse/shipping district, pubs &c., lower class red light district contained within it.