Statistics Edit

Full name: Remus John Lupin

Age: 44

Date of birth: March 10th, 1960

Blood: Half=blood

Wand:Juniper, 12”, Resilient, Phoenix Tail Feather

Alumni: Gryffindor

Affiliation: Remus is a Private Investigator on the good guys side. He’s too old to go back to Auror school but he believes the skills and knowledge he learned from being in the Order in the wars could still be helpful now.

Home Life Edit

Mother: Saoirse Lupin: A Muggleborn. (Her name is pronounced Seer-sha). She is the never changing rock in his life and he loves her dearly. She gave birth to him when she was 18 years old but that didn’t stop her from doing her best to be a good mother. Even though watching her son living with lycanthropy causes her much pain, she doesn’t let the fact that he is a werewolf stop her from loving him any less. She wants nothing more in the world than for her son to be happy. They get along very well and Remus loves to spend time with her.

Father: John Lupin: A halfblood. He doesn’t remember much about him. John left a few moons after Remus was first bitten, unable to cope with it. He traveled around for a few years, trying to find a cure and keeping in touch with his wife by letter. When Remus was five, he was found dead in the countryside along the side of the road. No one knows how he died.

Siblings: Remus is an only child.

Other family: Donald and Caoimhe (Kee-vah) Dunbar: Remus’ maternal grandparents. Saoirse’s parents weren’t happy when she told them she was pregnant at her age. After Remus was bitten and John left, Saoirse went to them, begging them to help. They let her move in, helping her take care of Remus, and mother and son lived there until Remus was old enough to live on his own. They owedn a bookstore in the town they live in that Saoirse has taken over. They are now deceased.

Eoin and Sorcha (Owen and Sor-kah) Dunbar, Catriona, Tam: Eoin is Saoirse’s older brother. Sorcha is his wife and their children are Catriona (34) and Tam (29). Remus gets along with Catri and Tam very well, even though they are Muggles. Catri and Tam now have their own families.

Conall Lupin: Remus’ paternal grandfather, a halfblood. After John’s death, Conall met Saoirse and Remus at his funeral. John had never mentioned his family to his father and Conall was surprised to find out he had a grandson. Remus used to go visit him once every summer where he lives in Blackpool, Scotland. Conall doted upon his only grandson, to Remus’ annoyance, but he beared with it because he loves his grandfather. Conall is a wealthy businessman and offered to give Saoirse money all the time to support Remus better but she always refused him. Saoirse told Remus that the reason why John never mentioned her or him to his father was that Conall wouldn’t approve of John marrying her because she came from a family that wasn’t wealthy. Conall indeed dislikes Saoirse but Remus is his grandson nonetheless. Out of all the people on Remus’ father’s side of the family, Conall is the only one who knows about Remus’ lycanthropy.

Jeanette Delacroix Lupin: Remus’ maternal grandmother. She hates the fact that her son didn’t marry someone rich or beautiful and dislikes Remus because of this. Remus looks a lot like his mother and Jeanette, whenever she sees him, always comments on how come he couldn’t look more like his father. Whenever Remus came to visit, she always went on a trip somewhere in order to not see him. She is a pureblood and comes from a rich family, marrying Conall more for his money than out of love, although she does love her husband. Jeanette dislikes Remus so much that when he first started visiting, she refused to speak to him in anything but French. Wanting his grandmother to be proud of him for something, Remus studied the language diligently so he could speak with her. She still doesn’t like him but now Remus is as fluent in French as he is in English.

Aaron and Ella, Thomas, Annaliese: Aaron and Thomas are John’s brothers. Aaron is older and Thomas is younger. Aaron is first in line to inherit the family business. His trophy wife is Ella and their 32 year old daughter is Annaliese. Aaron is much like his mother. He shows outright hatred towards Remus because of how Conall favors him. John was the favorite son and Aaron has always been jealous of that. Thomas is more like easy going than Aaron. Annaliese is now married and has a husband and son of her own, who Remus is sure will be groomed to be the next heir to the Lupin family business. The only person Remus really ever sees of his father’s side of the family is his grandfather.

Ted and Andromeda Black Tonks: Remus’ in laws, the parents of his wife. He’s met them before through Sirius because Andromeda was his favorite cousin. He isn’t exactly sure what they think of him but they have a decent and pleasant relationship with each other.

Nymphadora Tonks Lupin: Remus’ wife. When he first met her shortly after she had been born, he would never have guessed that he’d end up marrying her one day. He saw Dora sporadically throughout his life as she was growing up. The last time he saw her as a kid was when she was a young teen at Hogwarts. The next time her saw her was when they started working together in the Order. At first, she was just someone he knew, an acquaintance, but then they got closer and became friends. Sirius fell through the Veil and Remus threw himself into Order work to escape from the pain at having lost another dear friend. He went underground with the werewolves for a while and didn’t see her again until later. It was then she confronted him about her feelings. Remus was very surprised at first but brushed her away, believing that her feelings would change. But there was one thing Remus didn’t count on about Tonks: her persistence. After Dumbledore died and Bill was injured, Tonks pressed the issue again and Remus hesistantly decided that he’d see how it went for a while, again sure that she would change her mind. She didn’t and Remus came to realize that he, too, had fallen in love with her. Even in the middle of a war, they married. Remus was absolutely stunned when she told him she was pregnant and he practically went mad with worry about what the fate of his child would be before he finally got his wits about him and went back to his wife to be by her side while waiting for his child to come. Remus secretly greatly looks forward to being a father but he worries about the safety of his family a great deal.

Home: Cottage in Wales

Finances: Middle class

Personal Life Edit

Marital status: He is married to Nymphadora Tonks.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. When Remus was around 13, he started having ‘weird thoughts’ about boys. When he was 14, he knew he was in love with his best friend, Sirius. Luckily, Sirius felt the same way and the two became lovers. Deep down, Remus knew that Sirius could never betray James after October 1981, and he couldn’t stop himself from loving Sirius, even after others kept on telling him Sirius was a madman. POA happened and the two got back together. They were separated for the last time when Sirius died. After that, Remus was surprised to find himself falling in love with Tonks. He knows Sirius would want him to be happy and would be glad for him and Tonks. Remus still loves Sirius, even though he’s gone, but loves his wife just as much.

Strengths: The first time you meet Remus, you will probably think he is a very nice and happy gentleman, always with a smile on his face; however, there is much more to this young man than meets the eye. Remus is a very controlled person. He treats those who cannot possibly do him any good with kindness, patience, and respect in the hopes of being treated the same back. It’s not easy to tell when Remus is upset, angry, frustrated, or afraid unless you know him well. On the inside, Remus really is a kind and patient person, although he does get frustrated or annoyed with people every so often. He just does his best not to let it show. He’s very mature, thinking about things carefully before making a decision and never judging someone before he gets to know them. He’s fairly level-headed and it’s odd to actually see him lose control of his emotions.

Remus always puts others before himself. If someone needs help, he will gladly lend a hand without any complaint whatsoever. He was very grateful that he was able to attend Hogwarts, so he pushed himself and studied hard. He signed up for every single class except for Divination because, quite frankly, he thinks it’s stupid and Muggle Studies because he was raised in a Muggleborn home. He’s the type of person who always follows through and finishes things because it bugs him to just leave things undone. Remus always tries to do the best he can in everything he does, especially when he was in school. He knew it wouldn’t really do him any good in the long run; he could hardly get a job what with being a werewolf, but he pushed himself anyway to see how well he could do.

Being raised in a home that was fairly low middle-class, Remus doesn’t really care about having lots of material things. Money isn’t something that’s very important to him.

Remus is also emotionally strong and mostly optimistic about the future. He knows for a werewolf, he has been extremely lucky thus far. In all honesty, there have been times in the past where he’s had a mental breakdown thinking about what could possibly happen because of his lycanthropy, but now that he’s older, he’s learned not to let it get to him. He accepts that things are the way they were and that there is nothing he can do about it, as there is no cure yet, so he does his best not to let it get to him. If he does start to worry about it, he distracts himself with something he likes to do to drive the thoughts away.

Weaknesses: Remus’ studying habits at school could also be seen as a bad thing. He could sometimes become so obsessed with doing well that he studied non-stop until his friends came, stole his books, hid them, then dragged him off to have some fun. Remus still has this habit today. He can get so into what he’s doing that he forgets what’s going on around him, intent on finishing first and not wanting to stop until he does so.

Another negative thing about Remus is his stubbornness, especially when it comes to his lycanthropy and money. It takes Remus awhile to accept anything new or expensive from someone, even as a gift. If he needs something, he wants to get it himself so he can feel proud he is able to do so. The only way he agrees to accept a gift is by working for it some way or another. This has caused his friends and family to get quite irritated with him, especially on birthdays or Christmas when he won’t accept their gifts. His friends and family have mostly learned to give Remus gifts he’ll actually use or simply make them themselves.

He doesn’t really like to rely on people, preferring to get things done himself so he can make sure that they do get done. Remus often struggles to not be too independent because he understands that sometimes he hurts people’s feelings by purposefully not relying on them, even if he means no harm by it.

Remus never had any friends growing up so he tries to do everything he can to get people to like him… to a point. He doesn’t want people to get to close to him, for fear of hurting them because of his lycanthropy. When he was younger, Remus had the mindset that he would never fall in love, marry, or have children. He rarely trusts someone completely, but when he does, he trusts them for life. He’s not a very sociable person, simply because being social is a bit awkward for him. He’d much rather hang out in the library reading books all day then go to a wild party. He doesn’t actively seek people out but will be friendly and polite if someone he doesn’t know very well strikes up a conversation with him.

The Marauders were a different story. Remus hardly ever told them to behave themselves or not do something he felt they shouldn’t because he was so afraid that if he did it too many times, they’d start getting annoyed with him and not like him anymore. That was one of the things he feared the most: losing James, Sirius, and Peter’s friendship, and he would do everything and anything to preserve it… even if it meant turning a blind eye to how they treated Snape.

Remus is fiercely independent when it comes to his lycanthropy. A part of him wishes he didn’t have to trust anyone with his lycanthropy because he doesn’t want them to have any part of the blame whatsoever should something go wrong. If he should hurt someone, he would never forgive himself, but he wants the blame to be solely on him. Remus, though, has gotten over some of his stubbornness about it because he knows he cannot adequately keep others safe from himself on his own. He doesn’t want anyone to have to be apart of his lifestyle, knowing it is a far cry from pleasant, but he knows without people to love, support, and help him through it, there’s a very good chance he would become like the person he hates and fears the most -- Fenrir Greyback.

In school, Remus struggled with Arithmancy and Potions the most. He even had some trouble in Transfiguration but with his studying habits and help from his friends, he got good grades in that class. He did well in Potions without much frustration or complaint but Arithmancy was the bane of his existence. Remus hated it with a passion and hated it ever since he started the class, but still continued to take it because once he starts something, he hates having to stop until it’s finished. With much much much convincing from his friends and family, Remus dropped Potions and Arithmancy, taking Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, and Transfiguration at the NEWT level, managing to pull off all O’s and E’s.

Remus became a part of the Marauders for a reason, and not just because they found out the truth of his lycanthropy. Underneath the supposed rule-abiding man lies a mischievous person. Remus loved devising pranks for his friends to do, mostly because if he thought them up, there would be a less chance that someone would get hurt in the prank and also because it’s fun. The Marauders were not without prank wars among themselves and Remus secretly loved them the best out of any prank they’d ever done together.

Likes: Remus is obsessed with books. One of the few times he will actually show excitement he doesn’t bother to hold back is when talking about books he loves. He reads mainly poetry but loves classic adventures like Treasure Island, the Count of Monte Cristo, and the Three Musketeers. He’s also a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan. His favourite poem is He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven by William Butler Yeats.

He also loves music. His mother taught him how to play guitar and some piano when he was growing up. He has a guitar that his grandfather made himself for his mother. It’s been passed onto to him and he brought it to school every year. When he started spending summers with his paternal grandfather, he arranged for Remus to have a violin tutor, stating that the guitar was not a proper and dignified instrument. Remus can play the violin fairly well, but he truly shines on his guitar.

His maternal grandfather taught him to ice skate when he was six years old and it’s the one physical activity Remus is good at. He’s absolute crap at flying a broom good (‘I can stay on it and steer it, what more do you want?’ he says), saying he would rather fly across the ice than the sky any day.

Remus has an odd sweet tooth. He loves any kind of chocolate but no other kind of sweet. He jokingly blames his mother for it because when he was younger, she gave him chocolate to make him feel better around full moons. He simply fell in love with the sweet.

Remus grew up nearby the sea, so he loves water of any kind and often spends longer than he should in the shower or bath just because he loves being in water. He loves to swim but hates swimming around other people because he’s very self-conscious about all of his scars. If he does swim, he always wears a t-shirt with his swimming trunks to conceal as much of his body as possible and not look too stupid.

Remus also loves Astronomy and the stories associated with the constellations and stars. Astronomy and Ancient Runes were his favourite classes.

Dislikes: For some odd reason, Remus really does not like being touched. He gets mildly annoyed even when someone is standing very close to him and absolutely hates being in large, packed, unmoving crowds. He’s not much for standing in a line for a long time either because people seem to think that the closer they are to the end, the sooner they’ll get through so they press closer together. Because of this, he either does things very early or does them much later after everyone’s gone... or not at all. The only people he feels comfortable being close to physically are his friends and family, simply because he’s used to them.

Remus doesn’t like mirrors, mostly because he doesn’t like looking at himself. His self-esteem isn’t the best and he thinks he’s quite unattractive because of all of his scars.

Remus dislikes it when people get things without having to really work for them. The children of rich people who are arrogant and conceited, taking everything for granted, are the type of people that irritate him the most. He also doesn’t like it when people give up without really trying their best at something.

Skills: Remus is good at ice skating and playing the guitar. He’s pretty smart for someone his age but doesn’t have the seemingly perfect brilliantness James and Sirius seem to have had. Still, with his study habits, he managed to get just as good grades. Remus has a natural charisma and grace because of how he acts that he’s not aware of. It’s hard to hate Remus if you don’t know a lot about him because he always acts friendly, helpful, and optimistic. Because of his maturity, he’s fairly good at listening to problems, thinking about them carefully, and giving good advice on how to handle them.

Fears: Of course Remus is afraid of his lycanthropy. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone because of it, especially his loved ones. He’s slightly claustrophobic and hates being in a room that he can’t get out of, no matter if the room is big or small, due to having to be locked up during the full moons. He’s afraid of being completely alone and having no one to go to or be with. He has slight social anxiety sometimes.

Habits: Whenever Remus is feeling upset or sad, he goes to the library and walks up and down the stacks, running his fingers along the spines of the books because it reminds him of being back at his family’s bookstore. The memories of it bring him comfort. When he’s nervous, he bites his lip and if he’s very flustered or surprised, he’ll blush a little.

Boggart: Tonks turning into a werewolf

Patronus: A Peregrine Falcon

Mirror of Erised: Seeing his father and mother young, together, and happy, and Sirius standing by his side.

Amortentia Potion: The ocean, old well-loved books, and chocolate

Miscellaneous: Remus is also photophobic, meaning he's light sensitive. He can walk around in sunlight just fine but he almost always wears a pair of sunglasses when outside. If he were to go outside without his glasses and it was a sunny day, it would be like someone shining a very bright flashlight onto someone's face at point blank. His eyes would start tearing up so much he'd have a hard time seeing clearly and he'd quickly get a throbbing headache. When inside, he usually doesn't wear any but he has a pair of more lightly tinted ones just in case he needs them. He also has a pair of normal reading glasses. He prefers the dark much more and hardly ever uses the lights in his home when he's by himself except for a dim lamp or two at night in order to see. His photophobia is a combination of his getting older, having his body damaged from the Wolfsbane incident when he was younger, and being a werewolf, therefore being more of a night person. That's another thing that's sort of odd about Remus; he loves being outside at night but he's still an early bird, getting up around 7 am at the latest or earlier out of habit every day (unless it's around a full moon).

Aesthetics Edit

Appearance: Remus is tall for someone his age, but also thin because of the physical effect of his lycanthropy. Even though Remus is a healthy person, because he is a werewolf, he has pale skin and a tired, sickly look. He has many scars of all sizes all over his body. Luckily, he hasn’t gotten any large and/or noticeable ones on his face or hands. The largest and first one runs from mid-thigh to mid-hip. When outside, he always has a pair of dark sunglasses on unless it's night-time.

Height: 6’0” (182 cm)

Weight: 138 lbs (63 kg)

Hair: Remus has shaggy hair that falls just to the top of his shoulders. He manages to keep it mostly straight by getting it wet every morning. It is light brown with a reddish tint to it. To Remus’ annoyance, it tends to get shaggier as the full moon gets closer.

Eyes: His eyes are a dark cocoa brown.

Style of dress: Remus prefers to wear earth-toned clothing, not wanting to stand out in a crowd with bright colours. He always wears pants and long-sleeved tops even in the summer to hide his scars. The only time he’ll ever wear a t-shirt is if it’s unbearable hot and he’s around people who know what he is and are comfortable with that fact.

History Edit

Remus is English, French, Irish, and Scottish. Jeanette Delacroix came from a wealthy pureblooded family in France while Conall Lupin is from England. Caoimhe O’Holloran is from Sligo, Ireland, and Donald Dunbar is from Lerwick of the Shetland Islands, Scotland, which is what Remus considers his home.

John and Saoirse met at Hogwarts and started dating their fifth year. Their last year, Saoirse found out she was pregnant. After they graduated, they eloped, and Remus was born March 10th. Not used to the big city, Saoirse asked if they could live in the countryside. John worked for the Daily Prophet and wrote an article about how werewolves needed to be more controlled after a child was found murdered after a full moon. The things that he suggested enraged Fenrir Greyback who chose to get his revenge by attacking John’s three year old son.

Remus was a rambunctious child and had a habit of sneaking outside via the backdoor in the kitchen a lot. Saoirse often left it open when she was cooking. On a full moon night, Remus snuck outside only to be attacked by Fenrir. His screams quickly drew his parents out of the house and they fought the wolf back with spells. Quickly rescuing Remus, they both went to St. Mungo’s. Being so young, Remus almost died that night but he made it through. His parents were devastated when they learned that Remus was now a werewolf. They moved everything out of the basement of their little house so Remus could transform down there. Saoirse often told Remus that that first night was the worst night of her life. They’d put a silencing charm on Remus so that no one would be able to hear his screams. She told him how he just sat there trustingly in John’s arms as he took him down to the basement, then simply looked at them in confusion as they left him there, naked, and went back upstairs. They both didn’t sleep that night. When the sun was visibly in the sky, they went back down to the basement, afraid of what they might find. Remus was alive and sobbing without sound but badly wounded. They took him back to St. Mungo’s.

The next few times were the same. One day, a few days after a moon, John left without letting Saoirse know. He wrote back to her saying he was going to go around trying to find a cure for Remus. Saoirse broke down, knowing she didn’t have the strength to go through taking care of Remus alone. She left the house and took Remus to her parents, telling them what happened and begging them for help. She sold the house and things she didn’t need, then made a room for Remus to use for transforming in at her parents’ house. She made sure that no one would be able to hear him and made sure that there was no way he could break free.

As Remus grew up, the transformations slowly got better. Remus changed from being a child who liked to sneak out to being a child who was terrified to go outside, much less leave his mother’s arms. He suffered from nightmares for awhile until Saoirse got some dreamless sleep potion for him. Together with the fact that Remus didn’t feel safe away from Saoirse and her wanting to protect him from the world, Remus was raised very sheltered. Whenever he left the house it was only in the daytime and with his mother. John continued travelling around to find a cure but never came back to them. He was found dead when Remus was five and Remus left the town he had grew up in for the first time to go to his father’s funeral. It was there he met his paternal grandfather.

After a year of her parents trying to convince Saoirse to let go of Remus a little, Saoirse realized she had to. Remus had practically refused to leave her arms all through their trip to John’s funeral, being frightened of almost everything. Every day after that, Saoirse started taking Remus places like the beach, the park, on boat rides, and her parents’ shop. She started working there after awhile, wanting to repay her parents for helping her out. Remus tagged along every day and soon, Saoirse started leaving him at home sometimes with his grandparents. Remus started to become less dependent on his mother and less afraid of the world around him. The bookshop became a place of comfort to him and books became his gateway to far away places. He was always carrying around some book or another, asking someone to read it to him.

By the time he was 8, he wanted to see more of the world so Saoirse and her parents decided to take him, along with Eoin and Sorcha, to Sligo, Ireland. Every summer after that, the family would take a trip somewhere around Europe. When he was 10, Conall asked that Remus be allowed to come visit him every summer and Remus, with Saoirse’s consent, agreed.

When Remus was 11, Albus Dumbledore came to visit them, speaking with Saoirse, Remus, and his grandparents about how Remus would be able to safely attend Hogwarts. Excited at having a chance to have a somewhat normal life, Remus eagerly agreed. Saoirse and Remus visited the castle before school started to meet Madame Pomfrey and see the Willow, tunnel, and shack Remus would be staying in. Saoirse was a bit skeptical that it would keep Remus in but Dumbledore assured her it would and she trusted him.

After that, Saoirse took Remus to Diagon Alley to get his things. Remus had never been around so many people before and, to make things worse, he lost Saoirse in the crowd. It was only a few minutes before she found him again, but it felt like hours to Remus who had never been on his own in such a crowded place ever before. When Saoirse found him again, he was crying and trembling in a panic. After Saoirse had calmed him down so he wasn’t panicking anymore, she went and bought him ice cream at Fortescue’s. Remus made sure never to let go of her hand after that.

Instead of going to meet the other students at the train station, Remus and Saoirse travelled from Lerwick across the sea to Aberdeen and went to Hogwarts from there. Saoirse helped him get settled in before the other students arrived then hugged and kissed him goodbye before she left. The first year was very tough on Remus. He spent the whole Sorting Ceremony shaking, wanting nothing more than to run away. He later found it very very odd that the Sorting hat put him in Gryffindor when he definitely didn’t feel brave, but he hadn’t really cared at the time, just wanting it to be over with. He hadn’t eaten anything. The next morning, Remus couldn’t bring himself to enter the Great Hall again so he spent the day not eating anything. After a few days of this, Remus passed out. Pomfrey employed his roommates to drag him there if they had to get him to eat something.

After the first few weeks, Remus gradually began to get used to being around so many people. He became fast friends with Peter Pettigrew. After a few full moons, James and Sirius kept on pestering him about it, beginning to believe his lies less and less. Saoirse came to pick Remus up for the holidays and at the end of the year. For the start of second year, Remus wanted to meet with the other students at the train station, so Saoirse took him there. During that school year, his friends found out the truth. At first, Remus panicked and ran away to hide in the shack but hunger and not wanting to miss school made him come back. His friends confronted him again and assured him they didn’t think anything less of him. He was sure they were nervous around him for a little while at first, but after some time, things got comfortable again. In fact, the four friends got closer with this knowledge about Remus. Unbeknownst to him, the other three resolved to become Animagi to help him out.

In his 5th year, Remus befriended Lily Evans and became a prefect as well. He was completely blown away and terrified when his friends revealed themselves as animagi, thinking he would hurt them regardless if they were animals or not. After a few full moons, though, things proved to be better than before. Remus, who never remembered anything from when he was a werewolf, started to be able to recall flashes of memories from that time: an image of tumbling around with something his size and black, the smell of a rat nearby, the jab of horns against his side if he got too rough with the black animal. He was less violent around them and didn’t attack himself so much with them there to distract him. If he did try to hurt himself, the others stopped him quickly. After around six moons, Remus recalled running around in the snow and realized they had gone outside. After scolding his friends for a bit, they reassured him that he was perfectly fine and that they kept him in check. They started venturing around the grounds after that on full moons.

In 6th year, Sirius shattered Remus’ trust in people for short while by giving away how to get into the Willow to Severus Snape. It resulted in Snape almost being killed by the transformed Remus. The incident made Remus surprisingly not just angry at Sirius, but mostly at himself. He’d gotten too careless. He’d let them convince him to run around outside. He could kill someone. He almost had killed someone. He had to be much more careful. It took till the start of seventh year for Remus to feel comfortable once again with them being there, even though he had forgiven Sirius long before that.

They graduated from Hogwarts, James and Lily got married, and Harry was born a few years later. The war made them all emotionally weary and things didn’t get any better when they found out Voldemort wanted to kill Harry. James and Lily went into hiding and Remus never saw his friends again alive. Thinking that Sirius had been their Secret Keeper, Remus never could understand why Sirius would betray James. Deep down inside of him, a part of him never believed Sirius did it, even though everyone told him it was so.

At first, Remus was slightly hurt that Dumbledore didn’t give Harry to him to raise for a second, but then he knew that a child would not benefit from being raised by a grieving werewolf.

The next few years after that were the darkest in Remus’ life. The only people he ever told what had happened during this time were Sirius, and later, Tonks. The world was at peace but Remus’ life was nothing without his friends. He didn’t go back home because he wanted to be strong and carry on without the help of his mother, but Remus sunk deeper and deeper. He heard in Knockturn Alley that someone was looking for a werewolf assistant. Remus volunteered himself and met Damocles Belby who was working on a potion to help control the madness of a werewolf when they transformed. Feeling there was nothing better to do in his life and wanted a chance to help out others like him, he volunteered himself.

For three long years, Remus tested out potions Damocles made to see if they would work. Some were better than others, some were worse. Damocles was getting closer and closer to finalizing his potion when Remus found himself getting sicker and sicker. One day, he collapsed. When he woke up, he was in St. Mungo’s with his mother standing over him, worried sick. The ingredients in the potions, especially the wolfsbane, had wrecked havoc with his system. The healers were able to save his life but the testing of the potion had a life long affect on him. He was no longer as healthy as he used to be and would surely die much sooner than a normal wizard, or even werewolf, would. He was told his lifespan would be that of a regular Muggle and he would be very lucky if he lived past 75.

After that, Saoirse made Remus move back home with her and kept a close eye on him for the next few years to make sure he didn’t do anything so reckless again. Surrounded by the love and support of his mother, uncle, aunt, and two cousins, Remus slowly recovered. Thirteen years after the death of his best friends, Dumbledore sent him a letter asking if he would like to teach at Hogwarts. At Saoirse’s encouragement and his wanting to see Harry, he accepted.

It was a pleasure teaching Harry and his classmates and Remus enjoyed it very much… but the happiness didn’t last long. Sirius had escaped from Azkaban, and after a short time of confusion, he learned the truth at long last: Sirius was indeed innocent and it was Peter who had set the whole thing up. It was Peter who had betrayed them. Remus blames himself for not thinking about that it was full moon, and that he hadn’t taken his wolfsbane, otherwise Sirius might not have died later because he might have been free. Thanks to Snape, after that night, he found himself outed to the whole school. Remus left even though he had enjoyed teaching immensely. He went back home and met with Sirius some time later, then helped him to bring the Order from the first war back together.

After Sirius died, Remus once again grieved, but this time, he threw himself into working for the Order and went underground to try and convince some of the werewolves to join the Order. It didn’t work very well, thanks to Fenrir Greyback. If there was one person Remus feared more than Voldemort, it was Fenrir Greyback. The fear had been there as a child and has never truly left.

After he came back from that, Tonks confessed to him, and some time after the battle at Hogwarts, they were married. At first, Remus thought he had made a grave mistake, still feeling like he was putting Tonks in danger by being married to her. Some time later, Tonks told Remus she was pregnant. Remus was stunned. He, Remus John Lupin, was a werewolf and would have a child. He would a father. He had a wife and a baby and a family and what’s more, he wasn’t stuck in a holding cell somewhere. For the first time in a long time, Remus felt truly happy.

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