August San-Sebastien

ALIAS: August San-Sebastien

BIRTH NAME: Gus Barrow

AGE: 50

OCCUPATION: Artist, known for his controversial sketches and paintings frequently depicting women in violent scenes or with violent imagery. Never extremely popular but made enough money (probably through patronage) to live moderately.

REPUTATION: August was known as an eccentric in art circles. He did not tend to form extremely long-lasting friendships but instead collected a group of hangers-on and fans that kept him in a rather insular circle of friends. The exception to this rule is his best friend, fellow artist Isaak Hu, who left the art world 25 years ago to marry and have children.

KNOWN HAUNTS: Frequented most of the bars in Corazon Alley, as well as art galleries across the city. Showed his work in the wizarding gallery of Rachel Kellor.